WWE RAW: The Miz Def. Dexter Lumis With Help From Bronson Reed In “Winner Takes All” Ladder Match

With a bundle of money swaying up high, Dexter Lumis and The Miz competed in one of the most bizarre Ladder Matches in WWE history.

Lumis, competing in his first WWE Ladder Match, used the corrugated steel to help him hit a huge superplex on The Awesome One.

The ladder, much like the match, swung back and forth like a pendulum with Lumus and Miz both within grasp of taking home the cash on multiple occasions.

Not to be content with just ladders, The A-Lister equipped himself with chairs, burying the bizarre Superstar with a host of chairs and even a desk chair!

Johnny Gargano, backing his friend Lumis, was taken out from a ladder attack before Lumis got back into the match by hitting a uranage on Miz.

Dexter Lumis attempted to hit a huge leg drop from the top of a ladder onto The Miz, who was lying on a table, but The Awesome One moved out of the way to send Lumis crashing through the wood.

Lumis incredulously got back up and nearly won the match, but a returning Bronson Reed emerged on the scene!

The colossal Reed yanked Lumis from the ladder and crushed him with a gargatuan splash to help Miz get the win.