Tory Lanez Rumor’s ‘’Not Guilty’’ – Twitter Reacts

Many people have been waiting for the jury’s decision since the trial of Tory Lanez concluded with testimony and closing arguments. It was falsely reported by multiple sites on Thursday afternoon as rumors started to spread that the Toronto rapper had been found not guilty.

According to legal reporter Meghann Cuniff, confusion likely stemmed from reporters handing out a verdict form, though the jury had two separate pages that read both guilty and not guilty.


“Reporters are passing around the verdict form in the hallway,” she said on Twitter. “I think there’s confusion online because people see the top of one page and think that’s it, but jury has two pages for each charge: One for not guilty and one for guilty. This is the assault charge. No verdict yet.”

Cuniff also revealed that the jury will continue their deliberations on Friday morning, making it likely that an actual verdict will be announced shortly after.

“The jury in Tory Lanez’s trial is coming back tomorrow at 9 a.m. for continued deliberations,” she also shared on Twitter, giving the public an update on the high-profile case.


Believing that the “Say It” rapper was found not guilty, many took to Twitter to share their thoughts following the rumor taking off.

“Tory Lanez found not guilty. People are about to have a conniption,” one user wrote.



Another shared, “Tory lanez not guilty. Is the black man hate train up & running yet?”



“Tory Lanez found Not guilty,” someone else tweeted, adding “Let WW3 begin.”