Romeo Miller Rekindles Rivalry With Master P

Following Master P’s attempt to apologize to him, Romeo Miller continued to criticize him on social media on Monday. After complaining about Master P’s disregard of the late Tytyana Miller, Romeo made his disagreement with his father public.

The two traded shots in multiple posts on social media during the weekend. Despite Master P apologizing on Sunday, Romeo continued to go at him on Monday. Now, Romeo says that he was never paid for Rap Snacks.

“This year I will get my first Rap Snacks check and finally start receiving my earnings from my bags,” Romeo wrote. He added that he worked at the company for free for 15 years on the assumption his “payday would come.”

“I stayed loyal… but I’m entitled and ungrateful now?” Romeo wrote.

From there, he accused his father of trying to “gaslight and break me.” He also said Master P refused to take “accountability of his mistakes/greed.”

“He’s an adult and has to do the honest work as well. Like I told him, I have to love from a distance until then. I have a family now too, and it’s critical 1 protect my peace. No more suffering in silence. The rise of the Phoenix,” Romeo concluded.

Master P has yet to respond to the newest post from Romeo. In his initial apology, he admitted to being a “work-in-progress” before saying that he’s dealing with “trauma.”

Tytyana Miller died of accidental fentanyl intoxication back in May, according to the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner-Coroner.