Report On NBA Youngboy And Jazlyn Mychelle Obtaining Marriage License

NBA YoungBoy fans had a very exciting weekend. I Rest My Case, the 22-year-latest old’s endeavor, was released on Friday (January 6). Titles such as “Black,” “Louie V,” and “Bitch Yeah” have all emerged as fan favorites thus far. However, new music isn’t the only thing he has up his sleeve.

As you may recall, the Baton Rouge native previously hinted that he and his girlfriend, Jazlyn Mychelle, would be exchanging vows in the new year. Specifically, followers tuning into a live stream heard that the date was set for January 7.

At the time, YB told his fans that he was feeling lonely. In response, one viewer suggested he try out an often salacious website. “This n*gga said OnlyFans,” the rapper laughed in response.

“I’m getting married [on] January 7. Boy, you can’t pay me $10 million to get on muthaf*ckin’ OnlyFans, n*gga. You crazy,” he went on. “I’m lonely ’cause I ain’t got no fans. Everybody stop liking me, son. So what I’m supposed to do?”

In the time since then, fans have been eagerly awaiting to find out if YoungBoy was being serious. The couple hasn’t confirmed anything themselves. However, there have been some interesting posts popping up across social media recently.

On Sunday (January 8), a blogger’s screenshot of what looks to be a marriage license shows Mychelle and her man’s nuptials took place the day before. Salt Lake City, Utah is the issuing city. No additional details are available at this time.

Elsewhere, on Twitter, another account congratulated the mother of two for seemingly saying yes to the dress at a local bridal studio on Friday.



Stream NBA YoungBoy’s new I Rest My Case album here, and check back later for any updates on his possible marriage.