Pusha T Reacts To Drake’s Subliminal Diss: “I Love It”

It’s been four long years since the blazing animosity between Pusha T and Drake spilled across the internet. The two rappers traded diss tracks in a matter of days, with Push’s “The Story Of Adidon” serving as the final nail in the coffin. The former G.O.O.D Music CEO revealed details about Drake’s personal life, mocked his engineer, and utilized a photo of the rapper in Blackface as the album’s cover art. However, Drake chose to withdraw from the feud before reacting to the song.

In a recent interview with XXL, Pusha T reflected on the feud and how things have shaped up years later. Though we don’t hear Drake speak about Push often, the Canadian rapper does throw a few shots at his nemesis subliminally. However, Push doesn’t mind it at all.

“Every time I hear a subliminal in one of his songs, it just lets me know how deep it hurt him,” the rapper said. “Because it’s been four years now. And we still talking about it. He is. I don’t. I’m cool. But every time it’s a subliminal, I’m like, Yes. It burns, it still burns. It lets me know. I love it.”

On the other hand, Push explained that he doesn’t think Drake will ever release a diss track towards him in the future. Seeing as how Drake went through J. Prince and a few other parties before deciding against releasing a “career-ending” diss track, Pusha T said that he’s “not interested anymore.”

“We should see. I don’t know what he’ll do,” he said. “At this point, that’s contradictory. Would he jump out the window? And he wanna say I took it too far? Then he gon’ tell people. Tell the label. Tell J Prince. My God. It’s a lot. With all of that being said, it’s like I’m not interested anymore. I’m just really not.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Pusha T revealed that he’s working on a new album.