Mariah The Scientist Is Under Fire For Old Tweets Defending Tory Lanez

Mariah The Scientist’s fans are furious when some of the star’s earlier comments resurfaced. To musician Kaash Paige, the tweets show the singer defending Tory Lanez against Megan Thee Stallion. Kaash tweeted in 2020 that she worked with Tory and that he “certainly does not respect women.”

However, Mariah insisted that she still works with Tory despite the claims. “Well I have worked with and still do with Tory for years now and he’s never disrespected me. A woman. In fact, I feel like u gotta hidden agenda by speaking on a situation that don’t got sh** to do wit u.”

Fans immediately found Mariah’s old tweets after news surfaced that Tory was found guilty in his assault trial against Megan Thee Stallion. One fan tweeted, “How tf you call yourself a scientist if you can’t use science-based evidence to create opinions.”

Another fan chimed in, “Mariah the scientist was defending tory lanez and making posts about him in support. Yeah time for her to go from playlists.” The Beetlejuice singer has yet to respond to the backlash. However, she did call the Neighborhood Talk blog recently for posting bad videos of her. “Y’all never post any videos of me sounding good, y’all pick the 3 worst videos from an entire tour and post those hoping that I will be ridiculed for it.”

The 25 year old was also involved in a Twitter spat against her alleged beau Young Thug and his former girlfriend Jerrika Karlae. One commenter claimed that Mariah was the other woman in Thugs relationship with Karlae. But she wasted no time setting the record straight. “What do y’all be talking about?? When I met thug I was less popular than his ex… She always been attractive/ aesthetically pleasing. Why u trying to equating moving on to fronting on somebody? Sick in the head.”