Mandy Rose Details Her Absurd Fantime Earnings After WWE Firing

Mandy Rose was dismissed by the WWE last week, which infuriated many fans. The corporation dropped the former NXT champion due to her content on OnlyFans competitor FanTime. Rose had been uploading some racy images of herself on social media, which irritated the employer.

The WWE claims they were trying to protect its brand and its image. For instance, a few years ago, Vince McMahon urged wrestlers to stop using third-party platforms. Overall, it was a controversial request that has ultimately led to the firing of a star in the NXT division.

Since her firing, Mandy Rose has continued to make content on FanTime. She understands that there are plenty of fans out there who still want to see her content, and she is taking advantage. Consequently, Rose has been able to make a lot of money despite her lack of employment.

According to TMZ, Rose’s agent Malki Kawa has unveiled that Rose is making a whopping $500,000 right now. It is expected that by the new year she could reach the $1 million mark. Additionally, it has been made clear that she is making more on FanTime then she would have with the WWE.

When Rose was first let go, fans noted that the WWE has always exploited the sexuality of its women competitors. Furthermore, some were of the belief that the WWE was simply upset because they couldn’t get a cut of what Rose was doing.

Overall, the fans seem to be on Rose’s side throughout all of this, and she is currently winning.