Lebron James Responds To Bronny’s Outrageous Between-The-Legs Dunk

LeBron James has had a fantastic couple weeks in the NBA. His Los Angeles Lakers are now on a five-game winning streak and looking to make the playoffs. Furthermore, he has been on a scoring tear that is putting him closer to Kareem Abdul-all-time Jabbar’s scoring record.

Overall, it is a great time to be LeBron. He still has a few things left to accomplish, including watching his son make the NBA. Bronny is currently playing for Sierra Canyon with his little brother Bryce. The two have been playing well, although Bronny is now blossoming into a full-blown star.

Throughout the Sierra Canyon season, Bronny has been showing us just how well he can dunk the basketball. It has been nothing short of impressive to watch. Not to mention, his talents are about to earn him a whole slew of college offers. Only time will tell which school he ultimately picks.

In the Instagram post below, posted by LeBron, you can see Bronny’s latest highlight reel play. Essentially, Bronny gets in all alone at the rim and goes for a between-the-legs “Eastbay” dunk. It was a truly magnificent move that ultimately had all of Twitter talking.

As for LeBron himself, he had a lot to say about the matter online. “Hahahaha!! @bronny man what you on?!?!” James wrote. “You TOUGH for that!”

At this point, it is clear that Bronny is going to go very far in his basketball career. While living up to his father is impossible, he is still going to get people to watch.

Hopefully, LeBron is able to get his dream of playing with Bronny some day. That would be the cherry on top for his illustrious career.