Kyrie Irving Discusses Kevin Durant’s Ailment

This year, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant have been playing some incredible basketball. The Nets have won 18 of their last 20 games, including last night’s victory over the Miami Heat. Overall, the Nets are second in the Eastern Conference and appear to be a legitimate contender for the championship.

Unfortunately, Kyrie and KD are known for their fair share of injury problems. As it turns out, those injury issues are about to become a real problem for them down the stretch. This is because last night, Durant was hit by a falling Jimmy Butler. Consequently, Durant banged up his knee and had to miss the rest of the game.

Regardless, it was a solid outing for Kyrie Irving who notched 29 points. His performance was good enough to grab the win, which certainly boosted morale. As we already reported, Durant will subsequently have to get an MRI on Monday. This will give us a better understanding of Durant’s injury.


Following last night’s game, numerous reporters wanted to know how Kyrie and the team were feeling. Of course, losing your best player is devastating, and there was this sense that the players could be scrambling. However, it is clear that the Kyrie and the Nets want to hold themselves accountable.

“We don’t have any time for any excuses. We just have to keep moving forward,” Kyrie said succinctly.


Overall, the Nets are a team who can make a massive playoff run. However, if Durant’s injury is significant, then it could be over for this team’s chances. Hopefully, KD will be good for the playoffs, and the Nets can continue to impress.