Keyshia Ka’oir Gets Back At Big Scarr’s Sister

Friends, relatives, and fans of Big Scarr have been in grief in the weeks after his unexpected death. However, controversy has erupted as the late rapper’s friend accused Gucci Mane of failing to follow through on his pledge to pay for his signee’s funeral.

The gossip came over the weekend after Quezz Ruthless began venting about the situation on Instagram Live. “You didn’t have to lie! You ain’t have to go ghost either, cuh. It was gonna get paid for either way. You could’ve just said you ain’t have the money. You don’t get no type of respect for that, cuh,” the XXL Freshman’s friend told the 1017 head during his stream.

Word of the accusations clearly got back to Gucci – or at least to his wife. In their defence, Keyshia Ka’oir posted a photo of a receipt to her Instagram Story. In the image, it shows that $10,000 went to a Memphis funeral home, seemingly for Big Scarr’s celebration of life.

Additionally, the Jamaica-born starlet says she and her husband sent flowers to the mourning family. In response, they didn’t receive so much as a thank you, according to her recent Instagram Story.

Of course, those receipts weren’t enough for Big Scarr’s family to quiet down. His sister, Alexandra Woods, has been actively speaking out on social media. “Baby, my brother worth more than $10K,” she assured her followers in a video.

“Yeah, Gucci sent $10,000 and somebody else had another $10,000. So it was $20,000 in all. We ain’t get the flowers. I don’t give a f*ck what nobody say. Like I said, Gucci ain’t help with shit,” she went on.

In another video, she seemingly comes for Ka’oir’s appearance. “F*ck them receipts that Annabelle uploaded,” Woods tells viewers. “F*ck Annabelle.”

At the same time, she made it clear that Big Scarr’s family has no intentions of returning his 1017 chains. In the aforementioned IG Live from the late artist’s friend, he also says Gucci Mane allegedly inquired about getting the jewelry back.