Keke Palmer Appreciates Nicki Minaj’s Assistance With Maternity Shoot

Keke Palmer, a first-time mother, is overjoyed with her new baby. The veteran actress announced her pregnancy last month during an appearance on Saturday Night Live, and now she’s sharing photographs from her maternity session. Palmer and her fiancé Darius Jackson have been bouncing from one event to the next since they announced their pregnancy. Palmer is now revealing a sneak peek at her one-of-a-kind picture shoot, which was shot by legendary photographer David LaChapelle.

“Its giving POETRY, it’s giving MICHAEL ANGELO, it’s giving SISTINE CHAPEL,” she wrote on Instagram. “It’s giving MASTERPIECE. 🤣🤣🤣.”

“Behold, a mother, a father and the blessed baby we await in pure awe,” Palmer also wrote. “The greatest gift from above we could ever dream. we can’t wait to meet you little one! we are so glad to be your earth parents as God’s hands are placed so gently over your life. 🥹.”

Then, Palmer gave Nicki Minaj a shout-out for uniting her with LaChappelle.

“Thank you so much @nickiminaj for connecting me to @david_lachapelle and making this happen! thank you @diandretristan for helping with everything. from this photoshoot to the baby shower haha i love you so much friend!!!”

When Page Six recently caught up with the actress at the New York Film Critics Circle Awards, Palmer said she couldn’t “wait to get [her] hands on [her] baby.”

“I’m very excited, nervous, and curious more than anything because it’s one of those things that no one can really prepare you for,” she added.

Check out more images from Keke Palmer’s pregnancy journey below.