Kanye West’s Ex-Business Partner Says He’s Gone Missing

Kanye West’s Ex-Business Partner Says He’s Gone Missing

Kanye West has been going through some tough times lately. Many of these terrible moments were directly caused by his own conduct. Following his recent onslaught of Nazi propaganda, for example, many people have sworn off association with West.

From his association with Nick Fuentes to his most recent interview with Gavin McInnes and Alex Jones, Ye has gone off the deep end. His obsession with Jewish people and Naziism is simply disturbing. Additionally, his fans have no clue if he will be able to snap out of it.

In a recent report, it was revealed by Ye’s former business manager Thomas St. John that Kanye is now missing. St. John has been trying to get in contact with Kanye for a while. This is because he wants to serve him a lawsuit. However, St. John claims that Ye has been impossible to find.

As St. John revealed, Kanye hired him to be the CFO of Donda. Overall, his salary was $300,000 per month. Subsequently, they had a contract for 18 months. However, Ye eventually stopped paying St. John, who now wants the $4.5 million that he is allegedly owed.

At this point, it could just be that Ye is aware of the impending lawsuit and wants to go somewhere he cannot be found. However, if that is not the case, then this latest news is fairly concerning. After all, Ye’s most recent actions are that of someone who isn’t in complete control of their faculties.