Justin Bieber Criticizes H&M’s Merchandise As “Crap”

Justin Bieber, the pop sensation, has taken issue with H&M’s product range, which contains his image.

The fast fashion company has said in a statement (via People) that, like their other “licensed products and partnerships”, they “followed proper approval procedures” with the Justin Bieber merchandise. The brand previously sold t-shirts with Justin’s image on them to promote his tour.

Bieber, however, has suggested that he did not approve of these designs, which feature on jumpers, tote bags and t-shirts.

On Instagram, he wrote: “I didn’t approve any of the merch collection that they put up at H&M… all without my permission and approval.

“SMH (so much hate) I wouldn’t buy it if I were you.”

In his next story, he hit out against the collection again, calling it “trash” and urging his fans not to buy it.

He wrote: “The H&M merchandise they made of me is trash and I didn’t approve it. Don’t buy it.”

Just two months ago, Justin cancelled the remainder of his tour to prioritise his health. He had previously shared that he had been diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome, a condition that left him with facial paralysis. His decision to cancel the tour was announced with a statement.

He wrote: “Earlier this year, I went public about my battle with Ramsay-Hunt Syndrome, where my face was partly paralyzed. As a result of this illness, I was not able to complete the North America leg of the Justice Tour.

“After resting and consulting with my doctors, family and team, I went to Europe in an effort to continue with the tour. I performed six live shows, but it took a real toll on me.

“This past weekend, I performed at Rock in Rio and I gave everything I have to the people in Brazil. After getting off stage, the exhaustion overtook me and I realized I need to make my health the priority right now.”