Joe Budden Has Spoken Out On Lil Fizz’s Alleged Onlyfans Leak

During a recent episode of his podcast, Joe Budden reacted to news of Lil Fizz’s purported OnlyFans leak. He mentioned having “fizz coming out” of Lil Fizz.

“Aye, Lil Fizz, you’re lucky I ain’t see this news sooner,” he said. “I would have started with this one, buddy. But this why I’ma fight y’all, ’cause y’all have eyes and know some of this is funny. If this n***a got his ass tooted up in the air on OnlyFans, somebody need to know about that.”

He further said: “Do I like skinny people? Lil Fizz too small for me. I’d break that lil boy. I’d have fizz coming out of Fizz, man. Get this n***a outta here.”

Budden has previously referenced being “bisexual” and liking both “boys and girls” on his podcast. The discussion came following DaBaby’s homophobic rant at Rolling Loud Miami in 2021.

In a later appearance on Math Hoffa’s My Expert Opinion podcast, he clarified that he’d rather not discuss his sexuality.

“I’m not ready to share my personal journey,” he said at the time. “I’m not ready to let you guys into my world. Only do n****s in Hip Hop think that’s cool — ‘Yo, I heard you say something. Yeah, you like dick?’ Only in Hip Hop do n****s think that’s not an intrusive question. That is invasive, that is intrusive. That’s my lifestyle to share, not yours. That’s not your place to pull me out of the closet.”

Despite the comments, Fizz says that the man in the video isn’t him. He responded to the alleged leak on his Instagram Story.

“This shit is crazy, the levels these chicks will go to, to try and destroy and ruin you,” he wrote. “Wow unbelievable! Y’all have a happy holiday, that is NOT ME!”

Check out Joe Budden’s comments on Lil Fizz below.