Court Finds Ron Jeremy Incompetent To Face Rape Charges

Due to his “severe dementia,” former porn star Ron Jeremy will not stand trial for over 30 counts of rape. The court will pronounce Jeremy incapable, according to The Los Angeles Times. If that is the case, he will spend his days at a state-run hospital.

The outlet says they obtained an email from L.A. County Deputy District Attorney Paul Thompson citing mental health experts to determine his condition.

“As a result of the agreement of the experts, the defendant will be declared incompetent to stand trial … his prognosis for improvement is not good,” Thompson wrote.

“If he does not improve, we will not be able to try him for his crimes,” he continued. “Because criminal proceedings are suspended as long as he is incompetent, we also cannot get a guilty plea from him or discuss other measures to get justice for the victims in this case.”

While he is unfit for now, if his condition improves, Jeremy can still stand trial at a later date.

Lianne Young, one of Jeremy’s accusers, says that she felt “numb” over the decision.

“It’s going to come down to public opinion now, and public opinion has looked at Ron like a god,” Young said. “It could be an indication to other predators or viewers of pornography that they can get away with such crimes.”

A jury indicted Ron Jeremy on more than 30 counts of sexual assault back in August 2021. The alleged incidents date back to 1996. He pleaded not guilty to the charges and maintained his innocence in the time since.