Bobby Shmurda Bashes Blueface In The Wake Of Youngboy Feud

Blueface has a few choice words for Bobby Shmurda. The “Hot Ni**a” rapper appears to have responded to the “Thotiana” actress’ recent talk with NBA Youngboy. Bobby and Youngboy have been feuding since exchanging angry comments on Twitter last month, as previously reported.

Blueface recently made an appearance on NBA Youngboy’s  Never Broke Again Radio show and asked about the Baton Rouge rapper’s beef with Shmurda. However, Youngboy doubled down on his claims that he never had beef with the Brooklyn rapper.

“You ain’t even strong enough to do this with me, bruh,” YB said about Bobby. “I’mma stay out your way, bruh. I’m going to stay the fuck out of your way. “Cause I see you let these White people stuck you stupid-ass in jail and let you out and give you not one thing,” he continued. “And now you ready to kill somebody and go back to jail.”

Bobby must have caught wind of the interview shortly after. He took to his Instagram stories, seemingly addressing both Blueface and YB with a message. “Gang bangers is blogging about Bobby Shmurda together,” he laughed. “I ain’t gon’ respond to this nigga. This nigga is a reality star on TV show.”

However, Bobby’s rant didn’t end there. “I’m not to respond to this nigga,” Bobby continued. “There’s no way, I’m too gangsta…you can’t pay me a billion dollars to suck nobody’s dick. You can’t pay me a billion dollars to do nothing outside of my morals. Meaning, I can’t talk about the next nigga for no money.”


Neither Blueface nor NBA Youngboy have responded to Bobby’s post. But both stars have recently made headlines for other reasons. NBA Youngboy revealed his top five rappers list sparking much debate on social media. As for Blueface, fans dragged the rapper for spending Christmas Day with his baby mama and kids instead of girlfriend Chrisean Rock.

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