Blueface’s Mother Gives Chrisean Rock Advice

Karlissa, Blueface’s mother, has never agreed with his lover Chrisean Rock. The young rapper’s leading ladies are known for their social media back and forth. Karlissa turned to social media to share a Christmas message for Rock. “Christmas greetings, @Chrisean,” Karlissa began.

“I been there and its a tuff spot. But if you love God you can’t take someone away from their family or you will lose.” Her message comes on the heels of Blueface spending Christmas with his baby mama and their kids — not Chrisean. “No matter how hard it gets,” Karlissa continued, “ Just know as women I tried this and it didn’t work. Love you even tho you think I don’t. I believe in you baby girl. Stay focused.”

Blueface and Chrisean’s drama continues amid the premiere of there Zeus reality show, Crazy In Love. In a recent episode of the controversial series, Rock got candid about the state of her relationship with the “Thotiana” rapper. “I need space from this, like, forced-ass relationship,” she complained.

“Like, I don’t know if it’s a business-ship or a relationship,” she added. “Is he with me because there’s opportunity in it, or [does] he really just want to be with me?” Shortly after her outburst, Rock received a message from Blueface, which she read aloud for the cameras.  “Love you, baby, we are family,” the message read. “And we’re gonna make a family. I don’t want to live with nobody else, I like it here with you.”

As for Chrisean’s relationship with Karlissa, this isn’t the first time the 50-year old mom blasted the 22-year old entertainer. Chrisean revealed earlier this year this she and Karlissa’s beef once came to blows. “She swung on me before, but I let it slide. You know, I don’t hit [other] people’s mothers. So, it took a lot in me to do what I had to do because she kept charging at me and was like, ‘I’mma beat the sh*t out of you,’ and sh** like that.”

Chrisean has yet to address Blueface’s Christmas controversy.