Bam Margera Of MTV Jackass Alleges Four Seizures Rendered Him “Declared Dead”

Bam Margera of Jackass has revealed that he was “declared dead” during a recent hospital visit.

The former MTV star was hospitalised after he experienced multiple seizures and was discovered to have a blood infection.

He spoke to his old co-star Steve-O on his podcast Steve-O’s Wild Ride!, where the friends discussed their lives and experiences when the conversation turned to Bam’s health scare.

Margera revealed: “I was basically pronounced dead on Elvis’ birthday, December 8th. Did not know that I had, like, gnarly Covid. My body was shutting down and I went into four seizures.”

The stuntman went on to explain that the issue began after he contracted Covid-19, to which his body didn’t react well.

Bam’s insides began to shut down and to make matters worse, he had four seizures which lasted anything between 10 to 20 minutes each.

However, things took a sinister turn during the fourth seizure when the skateboarder accidentally bit his own tongue so hard that he began swallowing his own infected blood.

The injury caused him to get pneumonia, which sent the Jackass star into another seizure.

Margera explained: “I bit my tongue so hard it was, like, nearly falling off. It got so swollen and puffy [that] it wouldn’t fit in my mouth and I was drinking the infected blood, which gave me pneumonia as well.”

Bam said that he remembers waking up in the hospital on day five without any knowledge of how long he had been there.

He was also unable to breathe on his own and was unaware that he had spent almost a week under the care of medical professionals.

Bam revealed: “I woke up five days later thinking I was in there for a couple of hours. They [were] like: ‘Dude, you’ve been here for nearly a week. We tried to take the tube out and you weren’t breathing on your own.”

It was reported back in December that Bam was in the ICU at San Diego hospital due to a serious case of pneumonia and Covid-19 for more than a week.

However, it was not clear how serious the situation had become until Bam revealed the story on Steve-O’s podcast.