Ava Max Has Been Steadily Teasing New Music On Her Tiktok

Ava Max Has Been Steadily Teasing New Music On Her Tiktok

Ava Max has been steadily teasing new music on her TikTok, and in the last couple of days has shared two new teasers for songs titled ‘In The Dark’ and ‘Last Night On Earth’.

From the looks of things, ‘In The Dark’ is set to be more of a mid-tempo number, while its visuals feature the singer performing the song on a bed, underneath the glare of red light. ‘Last Night On Earth’, meanwhile, is more upbeat, with an accompanying video showing Max dancing on a rooftop.


Both songs are set to be taken from Max’s upcoming second album, ‘Diamonds And Dancefloors’, which is due to arrive on January 27. They were preceded by the singles ‘Maybe You’re The Problem’, ‘Million Dollar Baby’, ‘Weapons’ and ‘Dancing’s Done’.


‘Diamonds and Dancefloors’ is the follow-up to Max’s breakout 2020 album ‘Heaven And Hell’.

NME interviewed the singer in 2020 for its ‘In Conversation’ series, for which she discussed the hurdles she had to overcome in order to get to the point of releasing a debut album.

“People who I thought were my friends in the music industry were actually backstabbing me and prolonging the process and trying to make me, like, not make it,” she said. “That was kind of the hardest thing: to go beyond those people who were really just trying to stop my career because they didn’t like me. But karma, I have to say, is real. When you’re a good person and you give good to the world, and you’re working hard for something you want, you will get there. I truly believe that because I am living proof.”